It’s that time of year when I’m craving warm, comforting food. For me, that often comes in the form of soup.
I have two favorite fall soups that both capture the beauty of the season. Both have sweet potatoes, both have bone broth, and one even has apples. If you enjoy soup season as much as I do, then Loaded Sweet Potato Soup and Chicken Cider Stew are sure to be regulars in your menu rotation!

You might remember that both of these soups were showcased at our Stand Up for Soil Event two years ago and were definite crowd-pleasers. Full recipes can be found on our website. Enjoy!

We still want your leaves!

Soil health is a big priority for Jako Farm. We would love to turn your leaves into compost! This not only reduces waste on landfills, it actually improves the health of the soil, and therefore the food raised at Jako Farm. There is a drop spot right outside the farm store where you can deposit the bags of leaves.

THANK YOU to those who have already delivered.

Story From the Farm

A new batch of layer chicks arrived at the farm a few weeks ago. Until they develop mature feathers, they’ll stay nice and cozy in their brooder house.

Eventually they’ll move out to their home in the pasture. Did you know it takes about 5-6 months before a chicken starts laying eggs? Working with animals is always a good reminder that instant gratification rarely ocures in nature.

P.S. Fresh Milk Update

With the hard freeze last weekend, milk production is dropping. Dairy cows require high-quality forages to produce milk so the grasses are naturally telling the cows it’s time to stop and take a rest this winter. We anticipate the last day of milking will be early next week. And remember, we have thousands of gallons of frozen milk to carry us through the winter!