Come For a Walk!

Do you have spring fever? I sure do!

It’s that time of year when I’m tired of being stuck inside and just want to find ways to be outdoors.

There is nothing that helps clear my mind and rejuvenate my soul like going for a walk in our pasture.

And today friends, I would love to invite you to come for a walk at Jako Farm.

We have a trail just shy of a mile that makes a loop through the pasture.

At some point you’ll pass by the cows, sheep, and llama.

You’ll see the layer chickens wandering about, scratching in the soil, and you’ll hear the geese honking. You may see the bald eagle flying overhead or see Mr. Jack Rabbit bolt through the grass.

It’s just fun to be in nature!

We really appreciate you taking valuable time out of your day to travel to a farm to buy food. And we really want you to have a connection to the land where your food is raised.

This month, Saturdays and Wednesdays from 10-3, we would love for our Jako Farm Members to take a self-guided stroll through the pasture.

The trail starts here behind the farm store. Please stop and pick up a map and information sheet in the store before your walk.

March is a magical time at the farm as the pastures green and spring brings new life. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

COVID-19 Relief Update

A generous person donated their COVID-19 stimulus check to Jako Farm so that we could pass on nutrient-dense food to those who have been most affected by COVID-19. Others members donated money and Jako Farm matched the donation.

We still have funds remaining from the donation. If you or someone you know could really benefit from this, please let us know. The remaining meat will be donated to our local food bank next week.

Chicken Bundles – additional bundle!

Well, I guess chicken bundles were something you really wanted. They’ve been moving quickly!
Due to some requests I’ve added Chicken Bundle #3 to the line up.

Bundle #3 – $125
▪️ 5 pkgs. thighs (4/pkg)
▪️ 4 pkg. drumsticks (4/pkg)
▪️ 2 pkgs. wings (12/pkg)
▪️ 1 whole chicken (4 lbs. average)
▪️ 2 quarts chicken bone broth

It’s the perfect time of year to stock your freezer with chicken so you’re ready to go when grilling season really hits. (Or maybe it’s already in full swing at your house!)

We even have our favorite Grilled & Brined Chicken recipe card to share with you in the farm store.

Here’s to the hope of spring and the peace a short walk & fresh air can bring!