Chicken School Bus + Ground Beef Bundles

This week we added a third “chicken trailer” to the pasture, but this time it’s a school bus. We were having a hard time finding a good enough, worn out cattle trailer to convert, but we did find a school bus! So, we thought we’d give this a try. It’s higher off the ground than our other chicken trailers, but the chickens do just fine walking up a long ramp.

Leave it to Ken and Daniel to find ways to be innovative and use what’s available!

Ground Beef Bundles

For the month of February we are offering ground beef bundles. This is the most economical way to fill your freezer with JakoPure ground beef. If ground beef is your cut of choice, these bundles give you even better savings than buying a quarter or side of beef.

Ground Beef Bundle #1 – $188 plus tax
     -25 pounds of ground beef at 6% savings

Ground Beef Bundle #2 – $368 plus tax
     -50 pounds of ground beef at 8% savings

Ground Beef Bundle #3 – $720 plus tax
     -100 pounds of ground beef at 10% savings

Taking orders through February 28th or while supplies last.
Orders can be filled within a day of ordering.
JakoPure Beef is always 100% grassfed and finished.

Whipped Body Butter

Have you ever considered using beef fat to moisturize your hands?? It sounds crazy, I know, but let me tell you – it WORKS. Did you know beef tallow is very similar to human skin in its amino acid composition? That’s why it’s such an effective moisturizer and a necessary product this time of year.

Our JakoPure Body Butter contains beef tallow, organic olive oil, and high quality essential oils. That’s it! Body Butter is safe for anyone’s skin (even babies) and is a winter must-have for dry or cracked skin or eczema.

Here’s to finding comfort, warmth, and coziness this time of year and enjoying the beauty of snow and the childlike wonder it sparks.