After FOUR months, butter is back in the Jako Farm store! Thank you for patiently waiting for that gloriously yellow goodness.

If Jako Farm had a mascot, it would be butter. Did you know butter was the first dairy product made at Jako Farm?

When Ken transitioned from selling to the milk truck to direct marketing, he started by making and shipping butter.

Here’s a flashback to 1998 with Daniel in the milk house experimenting with butter making. Fortunately we’ve moved past using Judy’s kitchen blender, but that’s how it all started.

Now, Ken puts 10 gallons of fresh cream in the mixer…

Whips it until it becomes whipped cream…

After a lot of mixing, we have butter and buttermilk. He then drains off the buttermilk, does a few washes with water, and then adds the salt. It’s then ready to be packaged into containers!

As we’ve seen you in the farm store in recent weeks, many of you have sheepishly asked, “Do you have butter yet?” It’s so fun to hear your favorite ways to eat JakoPure butter!

Here are a few top contenders:

  • By the spoonful – it’s like candy!
  • On homemade bread, fresh from the oven.
  • In coffee instead of cream or milk (but that’s tasty, too)
  • Make a crustless pecan pie snack – mix butter, crush up a few pecans, and add maple syrup. This was new to me, YUM!
  • I give it to my toddler before bed to help him sleep longer.

I’ve also loved hearing the stories of you buying cream and making butter for yourself! Once you’ve had to the real stuff, you can’t go back!

Our Farm Store Addition

Next time you’re in the farm store, you’ll notice a few changes. We now have a separate area in the store with items only for our Silver and Gold Members.

As of June 1st we now have items in this cooler and freezer that are reserved for our Silver and Gold Members. Any items in the regular farm store are available for any of our Jako Farm Members.

We’re so grateful to have a business that can operate on trust. Please reach out if you have any questions!

Here’s to enjoying simple pleasures in life like real, golden butter.