Beef Sides and Summertime Treats

Order Your Beef Side or Quarter

We are now taking orders for beef sides and quarters that will be ready this fall. Why buy in bulk? Purchasing a beef side or quarter allows you to purchase all the cuts at approximately the price of JakoPure ground beef.

So, you’re buying all the special cuts like steak or brisket for ground beef prices!

But buying bulk beef can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are confusing phrases such as “hanging weight” or “percentage of take home meat” in addition to deciding how you want it butchered – more steaks or more ground beef, do you want roasts, what about stew meat?

Not to worry! Check out our Beef Quarter & Side FAQ sheet on our website to help you understand the process.
I promise that once you walk through the process once, it’s really pretty easy! Feel free to reach out if you have questions!

JakoPure Beef is always 100% grass-fed and finished. Taking orders through September 1st. Beef will be available August-October.

Ranch Dip Recipe

I love this time of year when produce from the garden is bountiful! And nothing makes veggies tastier than a little ranch dip. This recipe honestly tastes like the real deal except it’s made with pure ingredients you can feel good about. Enjoy!

Squeezable Yogurt Restock

It’s back in stock!! Did you know our famous Vanilla Greek Yogurt is available in convenient 2 oz. packages? I love throwing a few in the diaper bag frozen and by the time we need a snack, it’s the perfect temp. They’re also great as a frozen snack. A perfect summertime treat!

Here’s to enjoying all the beauty and bounty of summer.