Beef Bundles, Turkey Gobbles, and more…

Beef Bundles…

You’ve asked, now we have it. We are thrilled to announce we have beef bundles for sale!

Bundle #1 – $180
15 pounds of ground beef
5 pounds of hamburger patties
5 pounds of beef brats (German Style Beef Sausage)

Bundle #2 – $365
20 pounds of ground beef
5 pounds of hamburger patties
10 pounds roast
5 pounds beef brats (German Style Beef Sausage)
5 pounds stew meat
5 pounds bulk German Style Beef Sausage

Both bundles give you a 10% savings over purchasing individual cuts from the farm store. We are accepting orders through the end of August or while supplies last!

Turkey Gobbles…

It has been six years since we raised turkeys and we’re enjoying their presence on the farm again. As you walk towards their pen they all start talking and gobbling as if they’re trying to have a conversation with you! We have a few JakoPure pastured turkeys still available for your holiday meals. Birds are $7 per pound and will range from 12-20+ pounds.

Update from the Pasture

Farming requires a lot of advance planning. Five weeks ago we put the bulls in with the milking cows to start breeding. Every summer the bulls get six weeks to be with the cows and “get their job done”. One of our JakoPure Standards is doing everything we can to work with nature. One way we do this is by letting the animals naturally breed instead of artificially inseminating each cow to make her pregnant. Did you know cows have a nine-month gestation period just like humans? Next April we’ll have new calves and fresh milk for you!

If you need more information about beef or turkey before placing an order, as always, you can contact me at or reply to this email.


For all of us at Jako Farm