Barnside Pickup, Beef Bundles, and Carving Pumpkins!

Barnside Pickup

We are offering a trial run of barnside pickup here at the farm! A number of Jako Farm members have already used this service in order to obtain food while managing a COVID quarantine or sickness.
1. Call 620-663-1470 or email to set up an online account.
2. We’ll arrange a specific pickup time.
3. I’ll email you an invoice to be paid online.
4. You’ll pick up your food from an ice chest right outside the farm store.
In the spirit of trying to help others as we navigate this uncertain time, this service is free to Jako Farm members. We care deeply about the community around us. We want to be encouraging kindness and love towards others. Do you have a neighbor or friend who could use groceries dropped off at their house or some help with another errand? How might you pay this forward?

Beef Bundles…

Beef Bundles are back!

Bundle #1 – $180
▫ 15 pounds of ground beef
▫ 5 pounds of roast
▫ 5 pounds of beef brats (German-Style Beef Sausage)

Bundle #2 – $365
▫ 20 pounds of ground beef
▫ 15 pounds roast
▫ 5 pounds beef brats (German-Style Beef Sausage)
▫ 5 pounds stew meat
▫ 5 pounds bulk German-Style Beef Sausage

Both bundles give you a 10% savings over purchasing individual cuts from the farm store. We are accepting orders through the end of November or while supplies last!

Organically raised, carving pumpkins!

We have beautiful carving pumpkins available! These large pumpkins are perfect for a family evening of jack-o’-lantern carving. They are $8 a pumpkin.


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