Back to school lunches, lamb restock and more

Back to school lunches…

School is back in session. Whether you are sending your kids off to school or schooling at home this year, we have three nutrient-dense foods to pack into your kids’ lunches.

1. Squeezable Yogurt – Our JakoPure version of a go-gurt – Raw, Vanilla Greek Yogurt sweetened with raw honey. They double as an ice pack and add some probiotics to the meal.

2. JakoPure Brats – Offered in beef or pork, this is an easy meat option. When we grill on the weekend, I always cook an extra package of these to have around as snacks or quick meals. My son loves them sliced into small pieces he calls coins.

3. Little milks – Raw, all grass milk is so much more nutritious than school boxed milk! We offer JakoPure milk in 8 oz containers to make packing a lunch just a little easier.

Ground Lamb is restocked!

We are finally restocked with JakoPure All-Grass Ground Lamb! Our lamb has a mild flavor compared to most lamb sold in the US. Give it a try! I promise you wont regret it. Individual lamb cuts will be limited until mid-November.

Story from the Farm…

This time of year we always have cattle egrets living in the pasture. It’s fun to watch the cows go about their business with a bird perched on their head or back. The elegant white birds enjoy being near the cows because the cows stir up insects that the birds want to eat and the cows enjoy having the birds around because the birds eat insects that bother the cows. It’s a good lesson of symbiosis and that we’re often better off with others than on our own.

From all of us at Jako Farm,