Anticipation & Arrival – Merry Christmas!

Have you been counting down the days until Christmas at your house? I happen to live with a five-year-old, so I definitely get my daily reminder. 🙂

One of our countdown activities is reading a children’s advent book together as a family. We enjoy sitting down once a day and reading about the anticipation of Jesus’ birth. As we talk about this time of waiting and the significance of advent, it’s been good also identify some of the other ways we anticipate things in life.

Anticipation of More Eggs

Last July, day-old layer chicks arrived at the farm. We then marked December 15th on the calendar as the date to start watching for eggs. Each time our family chores together, we feed those chickens and talk about how long it will be until they lay. The last few weeks we’ve been anxiously checking the nest boxes, wondering if today might be THE day. Finally this week, Luke found the first egg! It will take a few weeks until all the girls are laying, but we can anticipate a steady supply of soy-free eggs in the farm store in February.

Anticipation of Lamb and Pork

The past few months we’ve been out of some of your favorite pork and lamb cuts. I know it is so frustrating to not have bacon sizzling in your skillet or to be without your favorite lamb chops. But, the beauty of being without for a bit is that when you have it back, you enjoy it that much more! You savor every tasty morsel instead of mindlessly devouring it. We’re pleased to announce the anticipation is over and the farm store is fully restocked with lamb and pork cuts.

The beauty of a seasonal farm is that there are so many places to look for anticipation and hope. This year has held an overabundance of waiting in general, and the wait for Christmas is almost over! I hope you, too, have found ways to find hope, joy, peace, and love in the waiting.

P.S. Holiday Store Hours

Our Jako Farm members are welcome to continue shopping in the farm store any day throughout the holiday season! We will not be scheduling new member appointments on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or New Year’s Day.

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas from our family to yours!