A Reset for the New Year

While the holiday season is a wonderful time it takes me out of my healthy habits.

I stay up late wrapping presents or talking with family members and don’t get the sleep I need. I eat way too much sugar or just consume too much food in general. I stress about making sure all the presents are purchased, the schedules are planned and that ALL the things are done.

In the New Year, I just need a reset. I need to rebuild some of my resiliency. Getting back into my routines is helpful, but I also need some extra boosts from food.

Bone broth is my go to when I feel sluggish and need to nourish my body.

There’s a reason everyone craves grandma’s chicken soup when you have an illness; it’s packed with health benefits!! Bone broth is high in gelatin and collagen which supports gut health and its amino acids help reduce inflammation.
Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome, says that gelatin helps “heal and seal” the gut, and in doing so is helpful for reversing leaky gut syndrome and digestive problems.
So how do you use bone broth?

1. In Soups or Stews

I use bone broth as the base for all of my soups. Bouillon cubes that I grew up with have no place in my kitchen.

2. Sip it in a mug

I tried for years to just drink a cup of bone broth. I knew it was good for me, but I would get about half way through the cup and think, well I’m done now.

A few years ago I tried adding some sautéed mushrooms to my broth. GAME CHANGER. I can easily sip away two quarts of bone broth in a day when I’ve added mushrooms to it.

Simply chop a few of your favorite mushrooms and sauté in an oil of your choice, warm a quart of JakoPure bone broth on the stove until almost boiling, add your mushrooms and salt to taste. (I usually add about 3/4 tsp of salt per quart since JakoPure broth does not contain salt). Let the flavors meld and then start drinking!

I’ve served this to hundreds of people at farming conferences over the years and I always hear it’s the best bone broth they’ve ever had.

Just try it. I promise you’ll love it.

3. Add it to rice, quinoa, or veggies

My kiddos haven’t acquired my love of sipping broth yet, so I try to add it into other food. When I’m making rice or quinioa I used bone broth instead of water. You can also use it when cooking veggies. It’s a great way to add flavor and nutrients.
One of my favorite things about bone broth is knowing that we’re taking bones that are often considered “waste products” in our culture and turning it into a nourishing food! Those bones in return give us essential minerals like calcium, potassium, and sodium which replenish our electrolytes.
We offer chicken, beef, lamb, and turkey bone broth in the farm store or you can make your own. You get different health benefits from each type, so it’s helpful to incorporate a variety into your diet.
Don’t be afraid to try the lamb and turkey! They’re both delicious; especially when you add sautéed mushrooms.

Story From the Farm

This week we “weaned” the calves born last spring. We do a gentle weaning where the mamas and calves are just across the fence from each other. We do this for a few days until they learn this is the new normal and continue to go about their happy lives grazing on grass.

They’ve spent the last nine months together, but now the mamas need a little break as they are six months pregnant. Every calf on our farm is raised by a cow and lives on pasture its whole life. Most dairy farms feed the calves by a bottle and the calves live in small hutches where they don’t have access to run around or be with mamas. We believe in the benefits of the whole herd living together.

Transitions, like weaning, can always be a little challenging, but we all have to do hard things in life; animals and humans alike.

P.S. Inventory Update

Morganic’s Farm is taking a break this winter from raising fresh mushrooms. Anticipate them returning to the store this summer.

We are sold out of chicken carcasses in the farm store. You can always use the bones left from cooking chicken to make your own bone broth. We still have a good supply of bones from the other animals.

Here’s to rebuilding some resiliency in the New Year!