A Recipe My Six-Year-Old LOVES and more..

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get stuck in a cooking rut. I get so bored with the same old meals, plus my kids start getting picky about what they’ll eat because they’re bored too.
This recently happened to us and then I remembered…lamb meatballs. Why haven’t I been making those??
I made this simple recipe, served it with quinoa cooked in bone broth, and had some veggies on the side.
My six-year-old begged to have it again. WIN!
Grass-fed and finished lamb is an excellent source of omega-3s, vitamin B-12, zinc along with many other vital nutrients. Our sheep have hair instead of wool which also gives the meat a milder flavor than lamb you would eat at a restaurant in the US.
This recipe is gluten-free, paleo and an excellent way to try out lamb.

Come for a Walk

It’s such a great time of year to enjoy being outdoors and we invite you to come for a walk in the pasture! You’re welcome to walk the mile-ish loop through the Jako Farm pasture from 9am-8pm Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the month of October. Before your walk, please stop first at the farm store to pick up a map and information. The trail starts behind the farm store. 
We do ask that you respect the animals’ space. You are a stranger. For your safely and theirs, do not cross fences or attempt to pet the cows or sheep.

We Need Your Egg Cartons!

We are a regenerative farm. To us, part of that means doing what we can to reduce waste and re-use when possible. One way we do that is by re-using egg cartons.

Sure, it would be better “branding” for our farm to have fancy new cartons with all kinds of information about the benefits of JakoPure eggs, but to us, it’s not worth it. We care more about reducing the carbon burden on our earth than having a fancy egg carton with good branding. So, will you please bring us your used cartons? Thanks for doing your part to reduce waste and care for our earth!