5 Simple Summer Snacks and an open road

Isn’t it great when snacks require little, if any, prep from you? With two young kiddos and a farm to run, I am thrilled when something is quick and easy. These are our go-to, cool-me-off snacks for the summer.

1. Ranch Yogurt Dip

Ranch Dip with garden fresh cucumbers or carrots. Last summer we started offering Ranch Dip made from greek yogurt. The consensus is this stuff tastes almost exactly like the store bought stuff, but it’s HEALTHY. If you want to use it for a salad dressing, just thin it down with a little milk.

2. Kefir Pops

Kefir pops are the go to cool-me-off snack for Jako farmers on hot summer afternoons. Kefir pops are available in chocolate, blueberry, and vanilla.

3. Fresh Fruit and Cream

The amazing thing about JakoPure cream is that it’s providing healthy fats to nourish your body unlike “whipped cream” from a can. There is no shame in eating this snack! It does take about 5 minutes of effort to whip the cream, but it’s also a quick and fun activity to do in the kitchen with my son. If you’re looking for a faster option, just pour the cream on top of fruit! Have you ever tried peaches and cream? There’s a reason it’s a thing. TRY IT!

4. Squeezable Yogurt

Did you know our JakoPure vanilla greek yogurt is available in a frozen, snack size version? I love throwing a few of these in my bag when we are heading to a park. By the time kids need a snack, it’s thawed or icy – a perfect cool-me-off snack!

5. Cheese Curds

Who doesn’t love cheese curds?!? Cheese curds are only available seasonally at Jako Farm, so enjoy them now and into the early fall.

Summer Bonus!

Have you tried our JakoPure sunscreen? It is made from non-nano zinc oxide, organic coconut oil, and lavender oil (the sun-shielding ingredients), combined with all-grass beef tallow and organic extra-virgin olive oil to create a smooth, creamy lotion. Approximately SPF 25, $13.50 for 2 ounces. It is great for sun protection and also the only diaper cream I use on my baby!

Open Roads Again!

Eales Road east of the farm has reopened! You may once again drive to the farm from Haven Road.

From all of us at Jako Farm,