5 Favorite & Easy Recipes

Everyone loves Taco Tuesday, right? We had rave reviews of the tacos we served at the Evening on the Farm this year, so we wanted to share all FIVE of those recipes with you! They’re not only delicious, but the prep time for each is only 10-15 minutes, which is perfect for busy schedules.

I love that both the chicken and beef taco recipes are large enough to provide a second meal for leftovers OR put in the freezer. There is nothing better than having meat already prepared – just thaw, heat, and serve! All these recipes and more can be found on our website (look under the resources tab) or you can pick up printed cards in the farm store. Enjoy!

Feedback from Four-Legged Friends

The verdict is in: JakoPure Ground Chicken Blend and Ground Bones are both crowd-pleasers with the furry friends of our Jako Farm members!
One customer reported that once she offered the JakoPure food to her cat Carl, he went on strike with his dry cat food. He will now only eat the ground chicken blend. Animals have pretty good intuition about food, right?
After all the positive feedback we’ve received, we plan to make these two products regular staples in the farm store.

Once again, thank you for approaching us with this request, plus offering your valuable feedback about the final product.

Story From the Farm

Did you know cows enjoy apple cider vinegar? They like the taste, but we offer it to them for their health. Similar to humans, it aids in digestion and helps prevent disease or illness. We have a few local friends who allow us to pick their organic apple trees and then we make an apple cider vinegar pulp for the cows.

Not only do the cows LOVE it, but it’s a memorable family activity for us too!