3 Things to Create Calm in the Chaos

Changing with the Seasons

And just like that…it became fall. Labor Day is over, the chaos of summer has come to an end and we are settling into new fall routines. I am excited for the change of seasons, but this year there is a bit of heaviness as we go into fall. We have no idea what will happen this fall and winter. Will COVID cases spike, will school switch to remote learning, will the world shut down again, will toilet paper and meat shortages start up again? That unpleasant feeling of uncertainty and the unknown is something I’m learning to live with, but man, it is not fun. For me, creating routines, establishing rituals and scheduling something to look forward to has been immensely helpful as I navigate the unknown of the pandemic.
Here are 3 things that have helped create calm in the chaos.

1. Plan my day

Planning ahead just makes life better. Lately, I have been using the StoryBrand Productivity Worksheet each day to help create a little order to my life. It helps me identify what HAS to happen today, what I can do to enjoy life today, and remember what my overall purpose in life is. It takes 5 minutes, but is SO worth the effort. 

2. Look forward to something

Early on in the pandemic I realized how much I missed looking forward to events that mostly involved people or outings. I have had to switch my mindset to anticipating smaller things in life that are also bringing me joy. It sounds silly, but writing, “Go for a walk” on the calendar allows me to anticipate a simple event and enjoy it more.
◾ After finishing a project at work – going outside and listening to the birds for five minutes.
◾ Planning a Zoom call with my college girlfriends.
◾ Involving my 5 year-old in planning to bake a dessert. Decide what we will make, put it on the calendar, and anticipate making it together.
◾ Plan ahead by making a half gallon of chai tea to keep in the fridge. Enjoy it cold or heated up as a snack.
◾ Take a 10 minute walk.
◾ Plan for 20 minutes of yoga.
These are not big things, but just knowing that something fun in coming is really satisfying.

3. Plan my meals

Eating real food has never felt more important. But, eating real food does take effort. I’ll be honest, I don’t have it perfected. I just went through a season of not planning meals well and it created chaos and unbalance in more than just food. My personal hacks are:
1. Keep breakfast simple. We have the same thing almost every morning, but it works.
2. Get meat out to thaw the night before. This is the single most important thing for me.
3. Cook larger quantities so we have leftovers.
4. Plan out 5 meals at the beginning of the week.
It feels that we are entering phase two of this pandemic. What have you been doing to get through this time? Have you found routines that are really helpful for your family? I would LOVE to hear about them.
In the meantime, know that we are fully stocked on most JakoPure foods! (We are still very limited on eggs.) We have been busy all summer squirreling away food for the fall and winter.
Thanks for being part of the Jako Farm Community!
From all of us at Jako Farm,