3 Sure Signs of Spring on the Farm

There are certain events that happen on the farm each year that signify spring has officially arrived.

1. Chicken Feed Now Available

As spring begins, many of you are starting to raise your own chicks. Did you know we sell our chicken feed? We have chick starter, layer feed, and fryer feed.

We source grains from local farmers who use organic growing practices. We then grind the feed here on the farm about every week. Ground feeds start loosing nutritional value after 30 days, so fresh is definitely best!

Give us a call if you’d like to pick up some feed. We’ll show you where the tanks are located, how to weigh it, and then you’re free to help yourself the next time you visit the farm. You can purchase the quantity that suits your needs, however large or small that may be.

2. First Walk Through the New Parlor

Every spring before the cows give birth, we walk all the cows and heifers up to the barn and do a trial run through the milking parlor. This helps the heifers (first time mamas) be a little familiar with the milking facilities. It’s a bit like new job orientation!

This year was different since our milking parlor is BRAND NEW. Usually the older cows just saunter in the barn like it’s no big deal and help keep the young mamas calm. This year, it was the opposite! The older cows were puzzled and wondering why everything looked SO different. The younger cows actually caught on to what was happening faster.

Overall, the process went really well. And we are happy to announce that the milking facilities are completed in time for milking!!

Whew. That was a HUGE winter project.

Next time you see Ken, Daniel or Cole you should give them a pat on the back. Not only can these men run a farm, they can design and build the facilities too.

3. First Calf!!

The TRUE sign of spring at Jako Farm is the first calf.

Our first calf, Beech, was born to Willow. Here is Miss Beech hanging out with her Aunt Shirly in the pasture. We’re excited for a new calf, but it will still be a few weeks until we have fresh milk.