3 Holiday Family Traditions

The countdown to Christmas is on…only 9 days to go! The holiday season is full of hustle and bustle but we always make sure to include these activities in our festive plans.

1. Homemade Donuts Fried in Lard

Every Christmas Grandma Judy makes homemade donuts. It’s a tradition everyone looks forward to all year. She mixes up the dough and then fries them in lard until they are golden brown. While I cannot claim any health benefits to donuts, we at least feel good about using a clean oil that yields amazing flavor. Sometimes pure indulgence is just good for the soul.

2. Whipped Cream for…everything

The holidays just demand whipped cream. Unfortunately, JakoPure frozen cream will whip into butter instead of cream. Our winter time frozen cream remedy is using an ISI Cream Whipper. Add the cream, a dash of vanilla and honey to the canister, charge it with a cartridge and you’re good to go. We love using it for pies, hot chocolate, coffee, or let’s be honest, just eating it on its own.

3. Holiday Carols

We love gathering around the Christmas tree in the evening and singing carols. Twinkling lights combined with young children’s enthusiasm for the season creates a pretty magical space. Sipping on one of our favorite holiday drinks Eggnog, Chai Tea, or Homemade Hot Cocoa adds some extra cheer. I don’t know how long our kiddos will enjoy this tradition, but I’m going to make it last for as long as we can.

Plus, a dose of reality

Holiday traditions are amazing, but let’s be honest…they take a ton of work on someone’s part. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge those people who help make the holidays special. That may be a parent, teacher, grandma, or neighbor. It’s different for everyone.
Last week my kiddos and I made dozens and dozens of cookies to give away. (We won’t talk about how much sugar ended up on the floor.) It was a lot of work, but we also had a lot of fun!

As we navigate the holiday season I hope that each of you is able to find ways to fill up your cup, even if you’re the one doing so much of the giving.