The cows speak at Jako Farm and last chance for a beef side!

The cows have spoken:
“We want a rest.”

Did you know that our cows talk to us? That’s right– even though we don’t speak the same language, we can sure understand each other. And this week, the bovine ladies told us loud and clear: It’s time to stop producing milk.

You see, as the weather gets colder and the pasture changes, there is no longer enough fresh, green grasses to produce quality milk. (It takes a lot of nutrition to make JakoPure milk for us to drink!)

The cows know that this is the season to slow down, rest, and care for themselves and the new babies growing inside them. It’s time to eat and sleep, not walk to the milk barn. And so they’ve slowly produced less and less milk each day.

And now they are done.

They’ll stay in the pasture all winter, where there is plenty of forage to keep them happy and healthy. The calves inside them will continue to grow. And come April, when their bellies are bursting and the grass is green again, they’ll give birth and be ready to make milk for us all again.

Keep JakoPure milk flowing all winter long

We have a secret those lovely cows don’t know about.  We’ve been freezing JakoPure raw milk all spring and summer– at it’s peak nutrition– and now you can drink it all winter long!  

When you thaw a jug of JakoPure milk, it’s the same as drinking summer’s best fresh milk.  Freezing milk doesn’t in any way compromise its premium nutritional value. Dr Weston A. Price tested frozen milk and butter after one year and found zero degradation in quality.

Frozen milk can be thawed quickly and easily.

Here’s how:
1. Thaw at room temp for 12 hours or in the fridge for 3 days. (Half gallons thaw quicker.)
2. Thaw in a bowl; occasionally there are unavoidable leaks in the jug. (Because freezing milk isn’t common, there aren’t good containers out there specific to our needs.) 
3. Wait to drink until completely thawed. 
4. Shake very well before drinking.  
5. Drink your JakoPure milk within 12-14 days after thawing. After that, use it in baking

Thawing JakoPure milk is a bit of a hassle, so why bother?

Because of the faces in your life, that’s why.

Because they deserve the best, in every season.
And because JakoPure milk is the healthiest milk you can find anywhere, even at the grocery store. 
The healthiest milk is 100% grassfed and raw. During winter months, no fluid milk that you buy in any store is 100% grassfed. It’s just not possible. That’s why we freeze JakoPure milk during the spring and summer months when the grasses are at peak nutrition to give your family optimum milk quality year-round. 
And every time you put a gallon of JakoPure frozen milk in the sink to thaw, you can think of those lovely cows, resting out on pasture, taking a much-needed break.  They’ll be back at it in a few months, and we’ll have fresh milk once again.  Until then, think of frozen milk as a way to connect with the earth and the ways that our food is grown in harmony with the seasons of nature.


I have just a few beef sides remaining that will be ready in two weeks. This is the last opportunity for a side until next summer. Please reply if you are interested.

From all of us at Jako Farm, including Lava, Orchid, Peru, Oma, Mabel, and the other ladies on pasture– may you, too, experience rest this season!