Pick Out Your Perfect Pumpkin + My Favorite Keto Snack

Fall is finally here!! It’s been so delightful to wear my favorite hoodies on these crisp, cool mornings. I’ve also LOVED decorating our store with organically grown squash, pumpkins, and gourds.

Last year we offered a few decorative pumpkins, but this year we have everything you could want. It’s just so hard to choose which gourds I want to decorate with – they’re each so unique and colorful. Make it an outing and come visit the farm this weekend to stock up on food and pick out your perfect pumpkins. Bring on fall!!

My Favorite Keto Snack

Everyone knows the best part about eating chicken is the crispy skin, right? Well friends, let me share with you my favorite keto-friendly snack.

I try to stay away from processed foods like chips, so this is just the perfect salty, crispy snack. I like eating them with ranch dip or using them as croutons on salad.

If you’re eating a keto diet, I promise you will LOVE this.

JakoPure Chicken Skin is sold by the pint in the farm store.

Story from the Farm

We love watching and learning from our animals. This week Daniel was moving the sheep to a new paddock. One ram lamb had a sore foot so he was lagging behind the group.

Daniel noticed that every couple of minutes one of the other lambs would run back to walk with the one with the sore foot and then run back ahead to be with the others. He kept doing this over and over. He just had to keep checking in on his buddy and make sure he was okay! We’re pretty sure these two were twins. Isn’t it amazing the bonds that animals have, too? We could all take a lesson from the animals…

Here’s to enjoying the changing seasons and being there for others. After all, it’s all about connection, right? Happy Fall!