Join the Team at Jako Farm

Jako Farm is looking to hire two individuals, or perhaps a couple, who are passionate about farming, yearning to have more hands-on learning and access to mentors with decades of experience, and are willing to work hard in all aspects and seasons of farming. Located near Hutchinson, Kansas (40 minutes NW of Wichita), Jako Farm is owned by Daniel and Robyn King and has been in the King family since 1921. Daniel’s father Ken established a national and international reputation for being a pioneer in running a completely grass-based seasonal dairy back in the 1990’s.

Candidate & Job Description

  • Trustworthy Character: Individuals working at Jako Farm become like family. We are looking for trustworthy individuals with a deep desire to learn more about farming and contribute to a collaborative environment, and who have a strong work ethic and can dependably and independently accomplish their tasks. The following responsibilities are an essential component of the job, but the ideal candidates’ character and fit with our team is of utmost importance.
  • A minimum one-year commitment is required, starting in February 2024 at the latest.
  • Dairy Processing: Making cheese, butter, cottage cheese, and other specialty dairy products. Packaging milk and cream.
  • Animal Care: Moving electric fencing multiple times per day. Feeding chickens, pigs, and turkeys. Assessing grazing patterns and animal health while choring.
  • Retail Assistant: Pulling food out of the walk-in freezer to stock farm store freezers. Inventory management of products.
  • Freezer Management: Organizing meat in the walk-in freezer after receiving meat from the butcher.
  • Chicken Butchering: Assisting with various parts of chicken butchering, 6-10 times per summer/fall: gutting, parting, packaging


  • This is an opportunity to learn all components of a successful small farm and work directly with multiple generations of the family who started it. Not only is this a job, but also an amazing apprenticeship opportunity for those wanting to learn how to run their own farm.
  • Salary will be commensurate with the level of experience, skill, and expertise of the qualified candidates.
  • Farmers will enjoy family-style meals with the King family at least two days a week and receive discounts on Jako Farm products.
  • Other benefits will be catered to the individual’s needs

What Others Say About Jako Farm

“July brought with it a visit to the most wonderful farm I have ever set foot upon during my tenure at Ecdysis. This family operation rotationally manages a mixed-breed herd of cows which supplies the milk for the most wonderful dairy products you will ever have the pleasure of consuming. Their food is the stuff which makes you close your eyes, sigh, and appreciate life in a way you didn't know was possible - yes, it's THAT good.”

- Dr. Michael Bredeson, Research Scientist & Agroecologist, Ecdysis Foundation

“My visit to Jako was truly inspiring. They understood the value in everything that they produced and let nothing go to waste; they enjoyed their work and maintained an enviable family and community life balance. They have shown me how a small farm can not only be viable, but rewarding both financially and philosophically. Jako was to me the poster pin-up of what a small farm could and should be.”

- Ollie White, Farm to Fork Farm, Sommerset, United Kingdom
2014 Nuffield Scholar Recipient who traveled in the USA, also visiting Polyface Farm, White Oak Pastures, US Wellness Meats, and Whole Foods

About Jako Farm

All the food we raise is sold via direct-market in our membership-based farm store. Our specialty is our seasonal all-grass dairy. We also raise pastured pork, chicken, eggs, turkey, and lamb. We have a small feed mill where we grind all of our feeds, and we offer high tensel electric fencing supplies and portable water systems.

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