Ground Beef Bundles, Reserving Your Beef Side, PLUS a Party

Calving and lambing season are in full swing here at the farm. Bessy, Banjo, Beth, Bella, Boise, and Basil are the latest additions to the dairy herd. You can anticipate fresh cream and milk in the store next week! Hooray!!

Order Your Beef Side or Quarter

We are continuing to take orders for beef sides and quarters that will be ready in late summer. Why buy in bulk? Purchasing a beef side or quarter allows you to purchase all the cuts at approximately the price of JakoPure ground beef.

So, you’re buying all the special cuts like steak or brisket for ground beef prices!

But buying bulk beef can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are confusing phrases such as “hanging weight” or “percentage of take home meat” in addition to deciding how you want it butchered – more steaks or more ground beef, do you want roasts, what about stew meat?

Not to worry! Check out our new Beef Quarter & Side FAQ sheet on our website to help you understand the process.
I promise that once you walk through the process once, it’s really pretty easy! Feel free to reach out if you have questions!

Taking orders through May 15th. Beef will be available this summer.

Order a Ground Beef Bundle

For a limited time we are offering ground beef bundles. Hands down, this is the most economical opportunity you will ever have to fill your freezer with JakoPure ground beef. There are times in life when you just need to stick with the basics and put a simple meal on the table. Ground beef definitely fits the bill!
Ground Beef Bundle #1 – $350 plus tax
▪️ 50 pounds of ground beef at 6% savings
Ground Beef Bundle #2 – $690 plus tax
▪️ 100 pounds of ground beef at 8% savings
Ground Beef Bundle #3 – $1,669 plus tax
▪️ 250 pounds of ground beef at 11% savings

There is something so empowering about knowing you have a freezer full of 100% grassfed and finished beef. Burgers, tacos, meatloaf, meatballs, shepherds pie, lasagna, taco salad, spaghetti – ground beef is so versatile.
You’ve got this!

Taking orders through May 15th or while supplies last.
Bundles are available within a day of ordering.

Save the Date! – It’s a Party

We would love to invite YOU to a party at the farm Saturday, May 29th from 4-8 pm. The event will include a meal and activities for all ages.

We are so excited to gather our Jako Farm Community together again. Stay tuned for more information and to RSVP!